Taking your Accounting Software to the next level

Good Accounting Software can help propel your business to a higher level. Conversely a weak or awkward Accounting Software can hold you back and make it more difficult to succeed. Today the newest systems coming online and pure cloud based web systems that not only reduce your cost of ownership, they can actually help your business benefit from numerous best practice experience. New cloud based Accounting Software will maximize your staff time working with customers instead of doing administrative tasks. By integrating your Accounting Software with your eCommerce you will gain even more in staff productivity. The staff at Bluetech specialize in helping you implement and integrate the best of the cloud based Accounting Software solutions and open source eCommerce platforms.



  • Best Practices
  • Secure
  • Timley Information
  • Simplified Auditing
  • Trackable Data Movement
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Language


  • Labour Saving
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Fast Order Handling
  • Current Information


Online Sales

Our skills provide you with a modern and effective web presence to your customers which improve your bottom line.


In the highly competitive financial market, having a well designed site that matches your business model is essential.

Wholesale Distribution

We can help to ensure your company has effective tools to reach your customers in a timely and responsive manner keeping them happy and using your services.

How a designed business solution will help your business

Efficient workflows
A well designed business system will work for your team, not your team for the system.
Satisfied customer needs
By operating with a system designed for your business, your team can best meet the needs of your customers.
Improved customer relation
By reducing staff administrative work, your team can give you more personal attention to the customer.
Greater accuracy
A solution designed for your business will reduce the points of error by automating more of the interaction between systems.
Greater sales
By improving your business process, you will better meet the needs of your customers which will generate greater sales.
Higher staff morale
By reducing tedious tasks and improving workflows, your staff will enjoy their jobs more.

We are ready to satisfy your Accounting Software project requirements


Innovative web business solutions.

A successful business has its own unique approach to achieving good results. At Bluetech, we are the experts at designing solutions that maximize your effectiveness on the web.

Most people agree that a crafted solution will give them the best results, but they have generally been expensive to develop. Bluetech has found tools to significantly reduce the time and costs. This makes it possible for most firms to enjoy the benefits of a customized solution.


Cutting-edge eCommerce business solutions.

Your eCommerce system is the view most of your customers will have of your business. If the site is a basic non-optimized one, your customers will get a negative impression of your business.

Bluetech can take that generic system and customize it to best present your products and business style.


Integrated ERP business solutions.

Too often companies must choose between a good eCommerce site or one that is integrated to their ERP system. This need not happen.

Bluetech can customize leading edge eCommerce systems so they integrate with your ERP system. This will maximize your workflow efficiency and accuracy. While presenting the best site available, your customers will rapidly come to appreciate the accuracy and speed of your site.