Getting Started

Steps for Completing a Discharge using the Atsource System

  1. Login into the BC-online system with your web browser
  2. Locate and select the “Atsource” menu option. This may involve using the page down button to view additional selections.
  3. In the centre of the page click the ‘New Transaction’ button to open the form for a new request.
  4. Complete the Request for Payout form.
  5. Click Continue on the bottom of the form and then confirm your request.
  6. You have now requested the Payout Statement. When the Financial Institution has prepared the Payout Statement, it will be loaded into this transaction and you will receive an e-mail notification that it is ready for you to download. Follow the instructions in the email to retrieve your Payout Statement.
  7. Once payout funds have been received by the Financial Institution an acknowledgement of receipt of funds, and in due course a filed copy of the discharge document will be emailed to you.

At any time throughout the process, you can view the status of your transaction by signing into Atsource through BC Online and clicking on the appropriate transaction from the Transaction List. Note also that at any time, a secure email message can be sent to the Financial Institution or Atsource, via the Atsource system, by clicking on Messages.

What Atsource does for the Legal Professional

  1. The Atsource system provides a secure communication tool between the Legal Professional and The Financial Institution. No more faxing of documents with personal information.
  2. Line of Credit balance updates can be requested with the simple click of a web page button on the closing date. The updates will be sent back via the secure Atsource messaging system.
  3. A common interface for all Financial Institutions simplifies the management and request for payout information and the eventual discharge of mortgage registration.
  4. No need to prepare or file a Form C at Land Titles. Atsource registers an electronic Form C and notifies you upon registration with a an electronic version of the document for you to view or print.
  5. Atsource provides a secure messaging system in which you can send a message directly to the financial staff working on the file without needing to track down the individual.
  6. Full tracking of the current status of a payout request and its subsequent registration.
  7. Permanent storage of completed documents and any related messages available for review when needed.
  8. Optional system sent notification to the buyer’s Legal Professional of when the funds were received by the Financial Institution and when the discharge is registered.

If help is needed:

  1. There is on-line help for each page which will explain each of the entry fields.
  2. BC Online /Atsource support is at:

Toll Free within B.C.: 1-800-663-6102 Victoria: (250) 953-8200
Fax: (250) 953-8222