Simplified Selection of Transferors

Effective September 14, 2018, Atsource is pleased to announce a software change to the process of entering the transferor for an internal transaction. Up to now it was necessary to review the full text of the Mortgagor’s recital to determine the Mortgagor that is listed on title. We have now changed the system so that each recital has the name of the Mortgagor in a separate field to identify it. This will save a few moments of your time and will cut down on errors.    

Northern Savings Credit Union

Effective March 15th, 2018 Atsource welcomes the addition of Northern Savings Credit Union to the Atsource system. Northern Savings is Community-based, member-owned, democratically governed and is proud to have been part of the credit union system since 1940. From its modest beginnings as a savings and loan cooperative, Northern Savings has built itself into one of the largest credit unions in Northern BC.

New Search Feature

Atsource has added a new feature that allows a user to limit the search results for transactions to the transactions that they are assigned to. This can be done by clicking the check box beside “Assigned to:” at the top of the “Transactions” page. You can also set up the home page dashboard screen to search for transactions limited to the user by going to the user profile page and clicking on the box beside “Assigned Only” for the appropriate window. The user profile can be accessed by clicking on your name at the top of any page.

Updated Interface and Enhanced Dashboard

Atsource is please to announce a new look to our application that we believe our users will find a welcome change from our old look. We have changed the interface to a more streamlined appearance with more “hovering” and “icons” to indicate links to additional information. You will immediately notice that our homepage has been converted to a “Dashboard”. This enables users to see a snapshot of transactions from four different views.

Transaction Rollback

In keeping with Atsource's commitment to continually improve our solution, there we be a new feature added to the software available on December 15th. The new feature is called the Atsource Transaction Rollback. The Transaction Rollback provides the Atsource user with a means for resetting the transaction back to the very beginning of the process so that the Legal Professional can make any changes to the entered data as required, and then re-submit it for normal processing.

Edit Profile Feature

Atsource has loaded a new version of our software into the system that includes a new “Edit Profile” feature. This feature allows users of Atsource to change information associated with their account. This includes email addresses, fax and phone numbers. It also includes the ability to assign a user to be in “Vacation Mode” whereby all notifications are forwarded to a different user while this is feature is set. Access to this feature is via “Edit Profile” located under the Navigation Tab on the left of each page.

New Announcement Feature

Atsource is pleased to introduce a new feature of our software solution that we believe will significantly improve the ability for Financial Institution’s to communicate information, or “Announcements”,  to Legal Professionals using our software.  The Atsource Announcement feature provides a means for Financial Institutions to post written announcements to the Legal Community within an Atsource transaction. These announcements are displayed at specific points within the transaction so that the announcement can be customized to the task the Legal Professional is performing.

Atsource Solutions Inc. has signed on to the living wage for Families Campaign

At Atsource we recognize the principle that full-time work should provide families with basic economic security. For this reason we have joined The Living wage for Families Campaign. This campaign signs on employers to pay a living wage as well as advocates for government policies that help families make ends meet. 

What is a Living Wage Employer?