Multi-purpose document exchange

Atsource is pleased to offer a new feature of our product to our customers. The enhancement is a multi-use and secure means to exchange miscellaneous documents between Legal Professionals, Financial Institutions and Atsource. The feature is located on the “Discharge Transaction Information” page under the heading of “Additional Documents”. Legal professionals can use this facility to attach additional documents (“Request for Statement and Authorization” etc.) that may be required for the payout and discharge of a  transaction. Financial Institutions can use it to load a document into the Atsource system for future reference or for transmission to a Legal Professional. All parties can view the document, however, only the party that loaded the document into the Atsource system can remove or replace it. All documents loaded into the system are converted to PDF type documents. Supported document types are PDF, Text documents (.txt) , Fax documents (.tif, .tiff) and Word documents (.doc, docx). Atsource values feedback from our clients and welcome any comments regarding this enhancement.