Activating Mt Agassiz

Club Members Ralph, Brett and Eric packed up their radios and hiking boots and made for the summit of Mt Agassiz. It was our goal to be the first to activate the Mt Agassiz in the Summits on the Air program. We set off on the lovely morning of July 20, 2013 for the peak and drove up the logging road to our planned departure point near the ridge of the mountain. This location reduced our hike to 750m but it was wooded with no trail and fairly steep in places. We arrived at the summit a bit behind our planned time but soon we were setting up the antennas above a cliff where we enjoyed an incredible view of the Fraser Valley.

We worked 18 stations during our short stay at the summit. After lunch and taking down the radios, we followed our track back down the ridge to the truck. Unfortunately Ralph got separated from Brett and Eric who each had a GPS and he zipped on past the truck some distance before connecting on our handhelds for directions on getting back to the truck.