The White Rock club is always open to accepting inquiries from the public. If you have any questions about amateur radio please give us a call or drop in on one of our events we would be very happy to meet you and answer your questions. The club is also open for new members, if interested give Eric a call or send him an e-mail.

Club Executive

President Eric Kehler VA7NX 604-209-7974
Vice President Konstatin Kropivny VA7FFT 778-877-9434
Secretary Bill Northcott VE7WNO 604-536-0204
Treasurer Ralph Webb VE7OM 604-531-2662
Director James Wilkins VE7UVL 604-536-2410


The White Rock Club is known on the air under this call sign: VE7DB

These are additional call signs used by the club: VE7RWR, VE7RYI, VE7OWC