Jay Besteman (VE7JPK) joined the ranks of the Silent Keys on September 5, 2020. Jay was a welcome member to the club over the years bringing many reports of his adventures and activating experiences. His life in South Africa was always interesting to learn about.

Our former club member Bill Little (VA7ZBL) became a silent key on Monday July 13. Bill was only a member a few years before his health failed and he wasn't able to get out much.  Bill had previously also been a member of the Surrey Radio Club serving as a director and providing leadership in various areas. Though a quiet individual, he was a welcome member of the club.

Charlie passed away during the evening of Feb 5. He was 99 years 4 months, just a bit short of his goal of 100!
He had many interesting stories to share at our coffee meetings and has been missed these past months.

At one time & probably still to this day Charlie was the oldest & newest ham at 89 yrs of age. 

Jim, VE7GD, joined us as a member in November 2019. He has been a licensed ham for many years and though less active than in the past he brings some great experience and conversation to the group.

Hugh Jones  (VE7YJ) has become the latest member of the White Rock club. a long time amateur. Hugh has recently taken a more active role in the hobby and set out to join a local club. We welcome to our club.