Stuart is in Empress Alberta and looking for club contacts

See the write up in the Individual Stories section of the website  for details -

The club has a brand new website. This one is much more graphical in look and is based upon the latest Drupal technology. It will be much easier to update and should last us many years.

Stuart has provided a list showing all the 220Mhz repeaters that he can access fro his home is South Surrey. Please try a few and see if anyone is listening.

Link: 220-repeaterlist.pdf

Though not a great standing, we at least made it onto the contest list this year. We placed 49th out of 50 in our category. For our first attempt we did well enough that all who participated felt that they had a good time and would like to try again next year.

We have received a letter from the city expressing their thanks for our help with the Tour de White Rock bike race. see this link for details