Jim has received the go ahead from the city to purchase the Carolina Windom 80 for the Arena. He will then be reimbursed by the city once the equipment has been received. This is great news as we will now be able to ensure we get all the specific items we require for the installation.

The club is trying the 80m band for our weekly net for the next few weeks. Tune up 5 if the frequency is in use. If you hear nothing try the club repeater to determine the current status.

Please call in at 7:30pm PST every Sunday

The minutes for the October meeting have now been published: see www.wrarc.ca/content/october-2014

Jim finally got his moose on the last day of their planned trip. He will be on the radio one more night at 9pm at 3.805Mhz


The monthly meeting minutes have been posted to the website