At the November 2015 AGM Bill let his name stand for director of the club. Although Bill is a fairly new Ham, he is very interested active and supportive to the community.  It is with great appreciation that I welcome him to a leadership position in the club.


President WRARC

Ken VE7KBN acquired a new two letter callsign and henceforth will be using VE7HI as his new callsign

This year our club station won first place in the B.C. QSO Party in the Multi-Operator Low Power MIXED category. It is always nice to get a small token of recognition for our participation in the now annual B.C. contest.


With the help of the fire department, the new HF Antenna (Carolina Windom) has been installed at the arena. The antenna is strung between a 90 foot pole and an AC unit around 250 feet away. 

Jim has informed me that he now has all the needed components for the HF antenna. He has attached the Windom to a messenger line and is waiting for the Fire Chief to organize the installation.