Merlin Mah is trying to establish a SSB net on 2m in the Fraser Valley.

Set your radios to 144.225 upper side-band on Thursdays at 7pm

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Distracted driving regulations continue to be an area of interest for many Canadian Radio Amateurs. These regulations are made and enforced by provincial governments and can vary considerably from province to province and over time. Radio Amateurs of Canada has prepared a list of links to current regulations in all provinces that have established them. They can be found at:

Lloyd Hobbs (VE7DLH)  a long time member and an honourary life member of the club became a silent key on October 9th.

Eric has now taken possession of his new Elecraft KX2 radio. It is a lovely little unit and will be a great tool for SOTA hiking.  THe first QSO was on the BC public Service net on 80m. Followed later by a longer exploration with VE7KC. See the brochure for details:


The new increased fines for using cell phones while driving has caused some serious problems for amateurs. Read the pdf from Bill Gipps to learn what the current state of the exemption is and what you can do to minimize problems.