New Ham - Charlie Scott

Congratulations to Charlie Scott VE7CMH.  Just two months after his 89th birthday Charlie passed his “Basic +, with honours”  Amateur Radio License. 

Charlie is a neighbour of mine and has a tower with a 10/11 Meter Yagi in his front yard.  I‘ve had my license for three years now, VE7UVL, and one day I went over and introduced myself and asked Charlie what his call sign was.  He said he didn’t have one but had been active in the CB world for over 35 years, but for the past five years CB has been just about non existent.  I invited him to see my shack and before long I had convinced him to take the Amateur Radio course and get his basic license.

Every Wednesday for the 10 weeks we attended the course together, I helped him with his homework, test exams, mathematics (that wonderful Ohms Law) and practical experience. 

Charlie also joined our local White Rock Amateur Radio Club, attending regular meetings as an associate. He participated in our regular 10 M Sunday night net (with me beside him at the controls) and gradually became more comfortable on the radio.  

Our Instructor, Gary Skett VE7AS has been fantastic, explaining everything clearly so everyone in the class understood the course.  Gary now has the honour of an 89-year-old graduate student. I have the honour of being a 55-year-old Elmer to my new 89-year-old buddy and the Amateur Radio world has a new Ham.  He is currently using a 10/11 M Yagi with a 10M Vertical M400 Starduster “Stick” on top. He has a dedicated 10/11M Mirage Radio and an ICOM 745 for his HF QSO’s  He choose the Call sign CMH which reflects family names, Charlie Marvin for himself and his father Harold.

Charlie was born in Consort, Alberta and spent his wartime years in Camrose as a gunnery instructor.  He was discharged from the army in 1950 and ran a local newspaper in Consort for six years before moving to British Columbia where he has spent the last 50 years, 25 here in White Rock. He retired as a machinist specializing in linotype and printing and will now spend his free time on HF talking to the world.

Congratulations again Charlie. VE7CMH.