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The personal activities section provides a site for club members to share some of their personal adventures. These generally include some radio activity but the main focus is not radio related.

I'm in Qualicum-Parksville today, so won't be at coffee tomorrow.  I managed to drop by the Emergency Preparedness display at the Qualicum Beach Rec Centre today (Apr 28).  Pictures are for the WRARC webpage if appropriate.

Pictured is Len Hooper (VE7XLH) who is also the BCEN Net Manager.  They

I was present as the MIRA club participated in a test of the practicality of using the VE7KU repeater, atop Mt. Arrowsmith, for emergency communications.

I was with Len Hooper, Terry Lyster and Frank from that club.  Their emergency ops site is at the Qualicum municipal building, and Net Control

Life Member Lloyd Hobbs VE7DLH recently relocated to a smaller apartment complex in the Maple Ridge area. He no longer has the option of a larger antenna farm outside in his back yard but with some careful thought and planning a small indoor antenna was assembled and Lloyd is now able to enjoy the

Congratulations to Charlie Scott VE7CMH.  Just two months after his 89th birthday Charlie passed his “Basic +, with honours”  Amateur Radio License. 

Charlie is a neighbour of mine and has a tower with a 10/11 Meter Yagi in his front yard.  I‘ve had my license for three years now, VE7UVL, and one

Gents - Attached is a pic of a Standard c228a handheld, one of only two models sporting dual band 2M-220MHz.  It’s VA7QB’s latest rare purchase.  A Kenwood TH-F6A is available as a triband with 5 watts on 220 MHz, but it also gets bad intermod in my area.  The only other multi-band HT which puts out

This story was submitted by Ross Wilmot. He was perusing some ancient QST magazines and came across this humorous article which we have posted here.



As have so many others, over the years I have struggled

It was November 12th, 2007 and those of us living in the White Rock area were doing our best to make it through the power outtages that day which were caused by a severe wind storm. For most of the club members the storm was an inconvenience as some were without power for over 14 hours. Ralph was

Stuart (VA7CRH) is getting into the 220 MHz band thanks to both Eric Kehler (VE7EGK) and an American 220 MHz repeater operator Wayne (WA6MPG).


After banging together a dual band j-pole for VHF & UHF, Stuart put together a mono-band 220 MHz j-pole so as to get the full use of his Kenwood TH-F6

Ever since taking Eric Kehler's remedial class on 2 meter operation, I've been trying to get up to speed on that band.  Among other things it is a good excuse to try one's hand at home-brew antenna construction, even if one has 3 left thumbs on the same hand.


When a Kenwood handheld tribander

White Rock amateur Stuart Lyster (VA7CRH) took a trip to Ottawa in May, and also made it to CFB Kingston and its Military Communications Museum

While In Ottawa, he ventured out to Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) headquarters.

At CFB Kingston, the Military Communications Museum was like a candy

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