Ken Gets the J-Pole Bug

Ken observed the fun Stuart was having with buillding his 2m J-Pole and the elation he got from having succeeded at completing the project that Ken felt that his own mag-mount antenna was due for upgrading. So he ventured forth and with Stuart's help and general encouragement and support from other club members Ken also build a J-pole 2m antenna. He has already noticed significant improvement over his old mag-mount system.

Here a a few pictures of Ken and his dual band J-Pole.

Ken describes the j-pole project as very much a club activity - Lloyd (VE7DLH) did some emergency soldering, Stuart (VA7CRH) added his experience from building one, and other members of the club put in their 2-cents.  Now Ken is up and running with a dual band, VHF/UHF antenna.  Ken got the VHF part of the antenna to be 1.3:1 at the band edges and 1.1:1 at 146 MHz.  Eric's comment is that it is now better than most commercial antennas.

Can HF be far behind?