RAC Winter Contest 2022

Several members gathered in the lounge at the arena to participate in the annual RAC Winter contest. This year we operated using Ralph's IC-7000 radio exclusively. Ralph operated CW and the other members were on phone. Initially Ralph started off our activity on the 40m band where he completed around 30 contacts. Jim then completed a number of 20m and 15m contacts followed by Ralph again this time on 15m. Next up was Eric on 15m where he snagged a New Foundland station which ended up being the furthest contact. He tried a bit on 10m but heard only two non-contest QSO's across the lower band. Bands were busy in spots, so there was a fair amount of activity, but things were somewhat noisy which made some contacts difficult to work.

We operated at the lounge for only two and a half hours but we all felt it was a successful event and we had good time chatting when not working the station. In the end we made 98 contacts which was very good, thanks mainly to Ralph for his diligence on CW. After our operating session at the lounge Ralph and Eric enjoyed a lunch at the local White Spot, unfortunately others were not able to come.