RAC Canada Day Contest

Members decided to do individual operating for the event this year. Two members decided to combine the contest with a Parks on the air activation. Ralph took his station to Peace Arch Park. He found the [park very busy and the parking lot was close to full. He did find a stall and then carried his gear to the far end of the park which was shaded and less crowded. He took a couple of trips to get his gear positioned. Once set up Ralph made 11 CW contacts across North America over an hour of operating.

Meanwhile Eric took his station and his new 30+ foot mast to Kwomais Point Park. This park had a few cars in the lot and though busier than normal it was still quite empty. Once set up, Eric scanned the 15m band for stations and snagged a couple of special event stations on the east coast. He continued scanning and worked a number of contest stations on 15m and 20m. He then started his own calling on 15m and soon had a number of POTA responses along with a few contesters. After about two and half hours He packed up the station. There were a couple of groups that came by to ask about the activity.

There was a lot of activity on the bands and pile-ups were common so not all stations heard could be reached with a portable set up. Over all a very enjoyable double activity for the day.