Stuart buys another one!

Gents - Attached is a pic of a Standard c228a handheld, one of only two models sporting dual band 2M-220MHz.  It’s VA7QB’s latest rare purchase.  A Kenwood TH-F6A is available as a triband with 5 watts on 220 MHz, but it also gets bad intermod in my area.  The only other multi-band HT which puts out 5 watts on 220 in existence is a old Icom V21AT.  Those are even rarer.

With a 12V 1800mAh battery, a c228a puts out 5 watts on both bands.  A pleasant surprise is that it can also act as a crossband repeater!  So when aloft on a balloon at 100 ft…..! That was Eric’s idea.  It is very much a brick from a former age.  Hopefully it will be more than a coffee conversation piece.