A few of got together at 10AM to join in the RAC Winter contest. It was a fun time getting together and making some contacts across Canada. Our first contact was with Newfoundland!

The Hyack Santa Parade took place in New Westminster. Club members, Ralph, Ross and Eric joined 20 other local area hams to support the event. They helped with a number of tasks including carrying the opening banner in the parade!

The annual JOTA (Jamboree on the air) took place. Club Members Ed and Ralph set up an Icom 706 and buddy pole in the court yard of the Semiahmoo mall. They were able to contact Scouts in several exotic locales including the Marshall Is.,Nunavut ... a good event for exposing scouts and the general public to amateur radio.

 Ralph, VE7OM successfully uses his HF QRP rig on vacation in Hawaii. Ralph reaches both sides of the Pacific - California and Japan with his new 2.5 watt Elecraft KX-1 and buddy pole. He also managed to get through the pile-ups as the Kure Atoll activated for a couple of weeks during late September and early October.

Our UHF repeater is back in action. Local coverage only. Try it out at 443.600+