Though not a great standing, we at least made it onto the contest list this year. We placed 49th out of 50 in our category. For our first attempt we did well enough that all who participated felt that they had a good time and would like to try again next year.

We have received a letter from the city expressing their thanks for our help with the Tour de White Rock bike race. see this link for details

Karl Cremer (VE7KHC) passed away this past Thursaday - September 12, 2013. Karl was a life member of the White Rock Amateur Radio Club and served as the first president of the society. He remained an active member our club up to the last few months. His comments and insights into the goals of our society and connection to our beginnings will be missed.

The White Rock Club participated as a group in this year's BC QSO Party. We had fun making calls in what were less than ideal band conditions and for our efforts we won the category of Multi-Operator Low-Power Mixed. It was a pleasant surprise to the membership when Brett who is also a member of the Orca DX Club presented us with our certificate. Here are a few photos from his presentation of the award.

Brett reviewed our placement in the recent BC QSO Party.

Here are the results for the BCQP.  We were the top BC station in the Multi-Op Low-Power Mixed Mode category.  We were also the bottom station in that category.  In fact, we were the only station in that category.  But at least we lead in that category!


Actually, if you compare scores with other categories, we actually did pretty well!