The club's new 2m repeater has arrived. The repeater is a Yaesu Fusion DR-1X. The repeater will be replacing the make-shift unit currently in place. This unit will prepare us for a relocation of the system to a better site in White Rock. It is expected to be in operation in a couple of weeks. At this time it is expected to operate in Analog mode only.

Bill Little is now a member of the White Rock Club. Bill (VA7ZBL) is an avid D-star communicator which he uses to rag-chew with hams across North America and Europe.

At the November 2015 AGM Bill let his name stand for director of the club. Although Bill is a fairly new Ham, he is very interested active and supportive to the community.  It is with great appreciation that I welcome him to a leadership position in the club.


President WRARC

Ken VE7KBN acquired a new two letter callsign and henceforth will be using VE7HI as his new callsign

This year our club station won first place in the B.C. QSO Party in the Multi-Operator Low Power MIXED category. It is always nice to get a small token of recognition for our participation in the now annual B.C. contest.