Club Sponsored Activities

These activities are attended by multiple members of the club. Generally they are also sponsored by the club but may involve outside orgainzations.

Several members gathered at the Lounge to use the main OCF antenna to participate in the annual BC QSO Party.

This year we mainly used Ralph's IC-7000 radio and a bit on Eric's KX3 with amp. Ralph managed over 80 CW contacts over the few hours we were active. Eric made around 10 SSB contacts

Club members gathered at the Lounge in the Centennial Arena for this year’s annual winter contest. For this event we would be using various HF radios that members brought and wanted to test. Ralph brought his Icom IC-7000, Hugh brought his older Icom IC-745 with a manual tuner, Eric brought his KX3

Club members gathered at the home of fellow club member Eric (VA7NX) to set up and work the ARRL Field Day event.  First on site were club president Jim and then Ralph. Tables and day tents were set up and then work began on the main OCF antenna. For this year’s event we opted for the inverted V

Field Day this year was very different from its predecessors, Covid-19 demanded that groups not happen and so most clubs opted to operate in a dispersed fashion with the members operating out of their homes. Our club being quite small decided to gather in the traditional way but rather than find a

Club members met in the Lounge at the Arena for this year's annual RAC Winter Contest. We gathered to set up at 9:30 using Konsta's portable K3s and 500 watt amp. It is a great set up for the club activities. Konsta also had isolated the cause of why his notebook kept shutting down during the last

Club members gathered on Nov 16th for a run at the annual sweepstakes contest. This year we were able to use Konsta's portable high power set up consisting of a Elecraft K3S and 500 watt amp with pan-adapter. The spectrum scope made for easy huntig and the extra power broke through most pile-ups. So

Members of the club helped with the equipment for the tour again this year. Unlike prior years, we did not have access to the pier to place the repeater at its end. So this year the repeater was placed in a suite near the top of one of the Bosa towers. A few days prior to the event, the repeater was

Club members set up some portable gear in the historic Fort Langley facility. We operated from within the fort proper making contacts in the Canadian Parks on the Air program using a special event call sign of VC7FL. For the event we used Bill's new Buddipole and his Icom IC-7000 radio. Operations

Club members were a bit scattered this year. The official event took place at Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach. The normal site on White Rock Beach was blocked by construction. This year, members set up Bill's new Buddipole antenna near the beach and operated in the contest for a few hours. Many

Club members helped the city again this year with deploying the commercial repeater and helping ensure adequate handheld coverage is available throughout the challenging environment the race takes place in. Club members set up the repeater and the end of the pier again this year.  To increase signal

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