Club Sponsored Activities

These activities are attended by multiple members of the club. Generally they are also sponsored by the club but may involve outside orgainzations.

Members met in the Lounge and set up Eric's KX3 go kit radio to participate in the annual contest. Konstatin also set up his Icom 7300 with a vertical whip antenna. Together we were able to operate on two bands. The KX3 was using the OCF antenna permanently installed at the arena on the 15m band

Club members gathered in the front lawn of fellow member Eric to set up for the annual Field Day event. Starting around 10m members began arriving. Ralph immediately began setting up his buddipole for operating on the 15m band. Eric began assembling his 40 foot mast to be used to raise an OCF

Club members gathered at the Centennial Arena lounge to operate in the second annual prairies QSO party. We arrived at the lounge around 10 to operate, We used Ralph's IC-7000 radio for the event. We also set up Hugh's Wolf River vertical antenna and his radio to see if we could get it on the air

Club Members, Jim Wilkins, Ralph Web, Don & Pam Hamilton and Eric Kehler met at Blackie Spit to activate the park in the Parks on the Air Program. This would be the first club activation for the White Rock club in the POTA program. The special feature for today’s activation was the use of Don’s

The quad folded dipole antenna in use by the club was thought to be faulty and so a replacement antenna needed to be installed. The repeater is located at Eric’s home and so on Saturday Feb 11 a few members of the club met at the site to help Eric replace the antenna. Eric had prepared the new cross

Club members gathered at the lounge in Centennial arena for the annual BC QSO Party contest. This is one of the events we regularly participate in as a club as it builds some team work, develops radio skills,  and supports our local ham community. Several members came out for the 9:30 am start of

Several members gathered in the lounge at the arena to participate in the annual RAC Winter contest. This year we operated using Ralph's IC-7000 radio exclusively. Ralph operated CW and the other members were on phone. Initially Ralph started off our activity on the 40m band where he completed

Members of the club gathered at the arena on Saturday Oct 1 to operate in the California QSO Party Contest. Members arrived at the arena a bit before 10 am and the first task was to reconnect the long wire HF antenna that is located outside the arena. It had been disconnected due to roof work. Once

Club members met at Kwomais Point Park to exercise their go kits. Members took turns using the kits to make contacts in the parks on the air program. Bands were in good condition and 30 contacts were logged over a 90 minute period most were on 15m but a few were successful on 10m where stations in

This year the club activated for Field Day in the grass area of the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club. It was a lovely spot for the event. We had some trees for the antennas and open grass for spreading out. One just had to avoid the path of the archery area. This day coincided with the fish club's

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